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What a memorable name for a bike shop! We are offering the domain name at a value buy it now price within the range of even a small bike shop, and the .co extension is well known and used around the world.

A Bit About .CO

The .co has been a well respected general use (anyone can register and use it) country code extension for many years.  It places within the top 10 of all extensions, legacy, new and country code, in terms of web use according to Cisco Umbrella data.

You can explore a selection of businesses using .co at any geographical location at this registry site. There are probably a number of businesses and organizations already using .co right in your city. As a short two letter extension that abbreviates .com it finds good acceptance.

Good Value

Ultimately only you can assess what value any domain name option brings to your organization. Consider the monthly cost of the domain name compared to the worth it brings in terms of esteem, traffic, memorability and savings in advertising costs.  A good domain name can easily pay for itself in months.

We realize that it is important to confirm that the price offered for a domain name is reasonable. The best way to do that is to look at aftermarket domain name sale data. In the past year over 350 domains sales in this extension have been recorded in the NameBio database, with an average price of more than $2000 (NameBiio data). At the bottom we show some two-word .co domain name sales (data from NameBio database).

Other Possibilities

We think this is a great domain name, but if you want to consider other possibilities why not check out the bike section of our domain catalog?

Trust Transfer

This domain name is registered at Epik who will handle the purchase and transfer of the domain name. Your information is not shared with us. Since they are the current registrar for the domain namem, you can fully trust that it is available for transfer and the transaction will complete. Registrar based marketplace sales also have the advantage that the transaction can complete very quickly. Depending on your payment option this domain name could be yours within the hour.


All domain names need to be registered each year, but the renewal price is substantially less than the purchase price. This domain name is currently registered until mid July, 2020 (that transfers to the new owner with the domain name) and after that renews at standard .co rates. Standard .co renewal rates vary somewhat between registrars, but a number of major registrars offer standard .co renewals at $22 to $28 per year.

Epik also offer forever registrations on this extension, which means that you pay one fee and they will keep the registration fees paid. 

Maybe Only One Chance Ever

Remember that once a domain is gone it may never be available for sale again. If this is a domain name that will add value to your business or organization, why not pick it up today?.

If you have questions don't hesitate to get in touch.



A selection of two word .co aftermarket domain name sales during approximately last year (data from NameBio)

  • OrganicHealth.co $1400
  • DropShipping.co $2050
  • GovPress.co $2560
  • NextThing.co $3000
  • PolicyBin.co $1000
  • LoveLetter.co $15,000
  • MassiveDynamic $1576
  • CasinoBonus.co $3858
  • SpreadShirt $2000


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